Solve Your Soap Refilling Troubles Today!

Simple. Affordable. Hassle Free.

The world's only easy refill system for counter-top mounted soap dispensers.

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Discover the Magic of Top Soap Today!

The First & Only Refill Specifically for Countertop-Mounted Soap Dispensers

Simple, Affordable and Hassle Free with NO cleaning required! 

Refilling your soap dispenser is now faster and easier than ever! Top Soap is the perfect cleaning solution for offices, restaurants, home, or anywhere you have soap dispensers.

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Refilling your dispenser is now simple and hassle-free. Remove the pump from the dispenser, remove the lid, place the spout of the pack into the opening of the soap dispenser, and squeeze in the soap. Reinstall the pump and you are done!


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Solve your soap refilling troubles. For your hand and dish soap refill and soap dispenser needs, count on Top Soap. We offer these products to homeowners and re-sellers including plumbing distributors, sink and faucet sellers, and countertop manufacturers.