Solve Your Soap Refilling Troubles Today!

Moisturizing Hand Soap

Whether it’s for your restaurant, office, or home there are a lot of advantages to using liquid soap. Since you’re not dealing with a bar of soap, there’s much less risk of germs being transmitted between users. Also, bar soaps can end up becoming mushy. Liquid soap also has lower pH levels, meaning it’s usually gentler on those with sensitive skin. 

The disadvantage to liquid hand soaps? Refilling the dispenser can be a nightmare. used to be, anyway. Top Soap is the revolutionary system that makes refilling dispensers a breeze. Our refill packs have been designed to fit both countertop-mounted and built-in soap dispensers. Simply remove the pump from the top of the dispenser, check to make sure the refill pack matches the size of your soap reservoir, slide the spout of the pack into the opening of the dispenser, and squeeze in the soap. Once you’re done, just reinstall the pump. 

It’s a process that only takes moments! For more information, contact us online or by phone today.