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"I haven’t used my dispenser in a long time, finally I can use!! Top Soap really works!!"


"Thank you Top Soap, I absolutely hated filling that thing up, now it’s so simple I don’t dread that chore any more."

-- Shelia

"Not only is it easy to use, but the soap is great too. Good job TS."


"I’m hesitant to admit it but I really didn’t know that the dispenser could be filled from the top of it. And now that I know I don’t have to crawl under the sink anymore, I will be a loyal Top Soap user for now on."


“Love it!”

--Coz, “My Cool Inventions”

"It is really nice when something works the way it’s supposed. I highly recommend Top Soap."


"Even my kids like to fill up the soap dispenser now. Thanks Top Soap."


"I don’t normally give reviews, but I know so many people that have one of the built in soap dispensers, and nobody likes to refill them. But this product worked the way they said it would, easy and mess free. Top Soap gets two thumbs up from me."


"I use Top Soap in my home and in my office. It’s that good."


"Wow, it really was easy. Thanks."


"As a plumber I’ve taken a number of soap dispensers out of clients homes because they have been difficult to fill, but now I can recommend to them they just use Top Soap, there is no more hassles for them with this product, and even though I might be losing a little business it saves them money and they can use their soap dispenser the way it was meant to be."


"I made a mess on the countertop every time I refilled the soap with the bulky soap container. It was maddening. Then I found Top Soap, I was amazed at how simple it was to use, and no extra mess for me to clean. What a great product."