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Solve Your Soap Refilling Troubles

For your hand and dish soap refill and soap dispenser needs, count on Top Soap. We offer these products to homeowners and resellers including plumbing distributors, sink and faucet sellers, and countertop manufacturers.

Before Top Soap Came into the Picture

Before Top Soap, there were only two ways to refill your soap dispenser. The first method, which we like to call the "cleaning method," is where you remove the pump from the top of the dispenser, and then refill the reservoir with soap. With this method, you need to hold it over the hole, stretch over the sink, squeeze the soap into the container, and try not to overfill it. Most of the time, it ends with the cleaning of a soapy countertop. The other method, which we call the "cussing method," is where you need to crawl under the sink after removing the cleaning products, reaching back and fumbling around to find the reservoir, removing it, filling it up with soap, and being careful not to overfill. Then you have to crawl back, fumble around some more, reattach the reservoir, and finally, come out under the sink without hitting your head.

Top Soap Refills

Now, with Top Soap, refilling your dispenser is simple and hassle-free. Simply remove the pump from the top of the dispenser, make sure our refill pack matches the size of the soap reservoir you have, remove the lid, place the spout of the pack into the opening of the soap dispenser, and squeeze in the soap. Reinstall the pump and you are done! Saves time and no mess!